Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services

MG Cancer Hospital offers a wide range of laboratory services. These lab services are an integral part of our hospital’s operations and provide a wide range of lab services for patients who need cancer treatment.


Our diagnostic lab offers various types of biochemistry services for patients. These biochemistry services are offered using specialized processes which have developed for identifying and isolating specific type of disease strains which are present in the human body.

Our department of biochemistry is designed to be run with the highest quality processes which are present in the best hospitals around the world. With a focus on providing quality patient satisfaction, we are focused to deliver the best services which are available in the diagnostic segment. Our staff consists of highly trained specialists who have over 15 years of experience in handle bio-chemistry and immunology research.


Our team of clinical pathologists are specialized are highly trained and offer the best services in the field of pathology. Our pathology lab has set the standards for achieving the best lab services when compared to any other hospital in the city of vishakapatnam.

Molecular Diagnostics

MG Cancer Hospital has a specialized department of molecular diagnostics which handles a critical role of providing molecular diagnostic services for patients. Our molecular diagnostic services are highly specialized. We offer the following services as part of our molecular diagnostics package.

Identification of Rogue Genes which are cancer triggers

We identify specific signatures which are present in the molecular strains and these are identified by our experts
Identification of gene arrays which are required for cancer strains analysis
At MG Cancer Hospital, we provide cancer specific gene isolation which is an invaluable tool for cancer gene analysis
Protein pattern identification is also offered at MG Cancer Hospital which is a unique service which is not offered by any cancer hospital in Andhra Pradesh.


Our department of microbiology at MG Cancer Hospital offers the following services to our patients. We have a comprehensive list of services which are offered to patients on all fronts. Some of the services which are offered under our microbiology department include
Urine amino acids
CSF amino acids
Urine Organic acids analysis
Urine Orotic acids
Screening Urine Glycosaminoglycan (GAG) or Mucopolysaccharides
Characterization of urinary GAG
Total and free Plasma Carnitine
Total Plasma Homocysteine
Urine Delta ALA
Porphyrin/ Porphobilinogen/ Corpophophyrin Urine
Urine Cystine
Urine Homocystine


We offer various serology services under our diagnostic department at MG Cancer Hospital. This department of Serology offers various services for patients who come to our hospital. Serology is a study of the serum present in the blood and this test identifies the various components of the Serum which is present in the blood.

We conduct this test when we suspect that there is an incidence of rheumatic illness, Immune deficiencies and other specific test requirements.

We perform the test in the following manner.

  • We draw a small sample of blood from the patient using a needle or tube.
  • This blood is then analyzed for blood serum.
  • The blood serum is then analyzed in detail for any trace of antibodies which are present within the blood stream.
  • This test is extremely effective in diagnosis hidden ailments within the body and helps our doctors identify and treat the various symptoms which are present.