Paediatric Oncology

Paediatric Oncology

The field of paediatric oncology deals with cancers in infants to early adolescent age group. This is a unique subset of cancer medicine where the challenge is to manage very young patients with a wide variety of aggressive cancers.

Mahatma Gandhi Cancer Hospital offers services in the field of paediatric oncology lead by a dedicated team of specialists. We take care of children coming with both blood related cancers as well as solid organ tumours and pride ourselves in a high cure rate that we are able to achieve in these patients. This is possible because of trained team of nursing staff, intensivists, paediatricians working in close tandem with paediatric oncologists.
Scope Of Services

  • Blood Realted Cancer Chemotherapy
  • Solid Organ Chemotherapy
  • Advanced Venous Access Procedure And Care
  • Biopsy And Interventional Procedures Under Anaesthesia
  • Intrathecal Chemotherapy

Malignancies such as Bone tumors, Lymphoma and Leukemia are quite common and highly prevalent in children. We provides comprehensive care for all the subsites of childhood cancers to ensure an efficient treatment for children.

Types Of Childhood Cancer
Blood Cancers
Leukemias- cancer of the tissues of the body that make the blood cells and the bone marrow. When leukemia strikes, the body makes an abundance of abnormal white cells that do not perform their proper functions. They invade the marrow and crowd out the normal healthy blood cells, making the patient susceptible to infection and bruising.

Lymphomas- cancer which arises in the lymph system, the body’s circulatory network for filtering out impurities. It can arise in the tonsils, thymus, bone, small intestine, spleen, or in lymph glands anywhere in the body. The disease can spread to the central nervous system and the bone marrow.

Solid Tumors
Brain Tumors-Tumors of the brain and spinal cord are the most common types of solid tumors in children. Some tumors are benign, and some children can be cured by surgery.

Bone Cancers- Bone cancer in children occurs most often during adolescence, 85% of them have tumors on their legs or arms, half of them around the knee.

Neuroblastoma- Found only in children, neuroblastoma arises in the adrenal glands, located in the abdominal area. It attacks very young children. One-fourth of those affected show initial symptoms during the first year of life. Neuroblastoma spreads quickly, and often is discovered only after the disease is widespread. Early stages are curable by surgery alone.

Wilms’ Tumor
This rapidly-developing tumor of the kidney most often appears in children, usually between the ages of two and four, and is very different from adult kidney cancers.

A malignant eye tumor which occurs in young children and shows a hereditary pattern — accounts for only 2% of the childhood cancer cases.

The most common soft tissue sarcoma in children, this extremely malignant neoplasm originates in skeletal muscle. Although it can occur in any muscle tissue, it is generally found in the head and neck area (including the eye socket), the genito-urinary tract, or in the extremities.