Physical and Rehabilitation Services

Physical and Rehabilitation Services

We offer the finest physical and rehabilitation services for our patients at MG Cancer Hospital. We understand the importance of physical and rehabilitation therapy and its effects in a unique manner.

We offer the following physical and rehabilitation therapy services for our patients

Nerve Conduction Studies

Our physical and rehab team provides various types of nerve conduction studies. These conduction studies are performed with the expert guidance of specialists who offer the best guidance and nerve conduction studies for patients. We offer various types of motor NCS and Sensory Conduction studies which are performed on patients.

Needle Myographies

We offer needle myographies which are very useful for patients to help gain rehab and therapy for various types of conditions which are present in patients. These conditions can be solved using physical and rehab therapy which we provide in MG Cancer Hospital.

Electro Diagnosis

Our electro diagnosis services are highly specialized and offer doctors a unique chance to study and analyze the various aspects of electro diagnosis which identify potential disease areas in the body.