Dietary Services

Dietary Services

We offer various types of dietary services for patients who require constant medication and treatment to overcome their cancer. Our dietary services include the following

Advanced Diet Preparation

Our hospital offers advanced diet preparation for various patients. These diet preparations are carefully prepared by our expert chefs at the hospital. These expert chefs are highly capable and deliver the best results for all our patients.

Managing Specialized Nutrition Requirements

Various types of cancer patients have various types of diet and nutrition requirements. These requirements are met by our skilled team of specialists who provide for patients and give them their various needs which are diet related.

Specific Diets

Various types of specific diets are prepared for patients who require specific types of meals for their health conditions. These meals are created by specialized chef who prepare highly nutritious ingredients which are available.

We follow the highest standards of hygene which are required for preparing patient food. These standards are inline with various standards which are followed across various hospitals around the world. We are constantly working on making our patient stay more comfortable.