Surgery Procedures

Surgery Procedures
General surgeryGynaecologyOncology
ThyroidectomyUretetro TransplantProstatectomy
PyloroplastyMyomectomyPartial Nephrectomy
GastroplastyTubal ReanastomosisPelvic Lymphadenectomy
Bowel ResectionOophoroectomySalpingo-Oophorectomy
Liver RisectionOvarian CystectomyGastrectomy
CholecystectomyOvarian TranspositionColon Resection
Hernia RepairSalpingectomyThyroidectomy
Nissen FundoplicationSalpingo-OophorectomyPancreatectomy
Hellen MyotomySacral ColpopexyAdrenalectomy
AppendectomyVaginal Prolaps RepairHemi-colectomy
Intra rectal surgeryDermoid CystSigmoidectomy
Lumbar SympathectomyEndometrial AblationBowel Resection
OophorocystectomyLiver Risection
Colpo suspensionAnterior resection of Rectum
Tubal ligationAbdominal Pernieal resection
TubalplastyRadical Hysterectomy
Surgery Procedures
UrologyCardiacCardio Thorasic
ProstatectomyMitral Valve repair and replacementThymectomy
NephrectomySingle vessel beating heart bypassEsophagectomy
Partial NephrectomyMulti vessel beating heart bypassPercardial Window
Excision of Renal CystSingle vessel arrested heart bypassLobectomy
PyeloplastyMulti vessel arrested heart bypassPneumonectomy
UreterolithotomyIMA harvestingPacemaker Lead Implantation
Pelvic LymphadenectomyCoronary AnastomosisMediastinal Resection
Adrenalec tomyAtrial septum aneurysmPulmonary wedge Resection
Cystocele Repair
LymphadenectomyBariatric Surgery
Renal Cyst DecorticationGastric bypass
Rectocele Repair
Ureteral Implantation
Robotic Surgical Procedures

Robotic Cancer Surgery

Robotic Cancer Surgery A diagnosis of cancer could hit one hard. That is why it is important to learn the facts about the condition and the best available options for…

Robotic Surgery In Gynecology

Robotic Surgery In Gynecology The introduction of da Vinci robotic surgery to the field of gynecologic surgery has made minimally invasive procedures a possibility for a growing number of patients…

Robotic Urology

Robotic Urology Urology is the surgical speciality that focuses on the urinary tract and on the reproductive system of males. Medical professionals specialising in the field of urology are called…

Robotics in Colorectal Surgery

Robotics In Colorectal Surgery Robotic surgery is now an extremely useful option in Colorectal surgery.If medicine or lifestyle changes do not help a colorectal condition, the doctor may suggest surgery….